Sunday, December 16

Love and Cinnamon

Sunday is the day in my family when we most often look at each other in the morning and utter that well worn phrase, "Sweet or savory?" Today was a gray day in Wisconsin and Jaybird was recovering from some Heavy-Metal-crowd-surfing-teenage-judgement injuries and we all agreed that the comfort of a sweet would be welcomed indeed.

Cinnamon Biscuits from Taste and Tell are amazing. I did not have time for the fussiness of a yeast cinnamon roll and this recipe was the first that came up on a google of "cinnamon biscuit". Fortuitous googling has never tasted so good. Usually biscuit recipes leave me feeling more parched than comforted but the secret here is a dousing with a 1/2 cup of milk when you remove them from the oven. You would think you would have a squishy mess but somehow this transforms the biscuit into a light fluffy mass with just the right amount of gooey goodness.

Even better, an opportunity to be reminded that we have the best neighbors ever. People who don't bat an eyelash when I call desperately for said milk babbling about the need to pour it over hot cinnamon biscuits and arriving 30 seconds later in my pajamas.