Monday, April 15

Journeys and Jaybird

Sometimes it is helpful to know where a person is coming from. I thought perhaps the somewhat random nature of my blog could be enhanced by sharing what are the the themes most influencing my life right now. I will blog in more detail on each soon.

Well for one, I would like to go:
On the left you see me last summer at the top of Harney's Peak in South Dakota. On the right it is 2003, I am 95# lighter and hiking a trail in Yellowstone. What happened in between is a combination of second career as an RN, full time school while working full time, half a thyroid that has given up the ghost, and a less forgiving metabolism as I age. And so some changes are in order which will provide many stories with buzzwords like Paleo, Wholehearted Living, and 10,000 Steps. But with a twist, of course.

Next up, Kirk and I would like to move:
We have lived in our home since 1993 and love it. This was the best place in the world to raise Jaybird. It is near a lake and he would spend summers exploring the shoreline and getting penny candy from the tiny pharmacy down the street. But Kirk and I will retire in 10-12 years and that has us thinking about our next chapter. For us it will be in an Airstream. We will sell everything and get a 25 to 28 foot Airstream with double panoramic windows and solar panels. Not that I have thought about it much. Kirk dreams of travel, I am a bit of a homebody, and so our home will roll. Everything we own will be in the trailer. Just the idea is liberating.

Finally, and most importantly, we will be launching this little Jaybird:

Who is no longer so little and actually towers over me. Who will be 18 this year. Who has a delightful plan for his life already. Who is independent but still loves hanging out with his folks once in a while.

So, what are the themes directing your life and choices?

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rae said...

Great post! It will be fun to let people armchair travel with you on your journeys.