Saturday, May 18

There Once Was a Girl...

When I was a wee one my mother used to sing me a poem:

There Once Was a Girl
Who Had a Little Curl
Right in the Middle of her Forehead.
And When She Was Good,
She was Very, Very, Good.
And When She Was Bad,
She Was Horrid.

Now, before you envision that my Mom walked around calling her tossle headed tot horrid, please understand that this was a happy acknowledgement for both of us. It allowed me to find a light side to strong feelings and it allowed her to find a light side to a tantrum of epic proportions. Despite having lost my Mom years ago, I know this because my son is very similarly dispositioned. Easy going, flexible, and full of humor most of the time. And then, very rarely...indignation right down to the last spark of our soul.

This past week tested me right down to my last curl. And last Thursday there was a choice to be made. A fork in the road. One can give in and let frustration take over in wave after wave or one can choose another path...

And take a 6 mile walk around Lake Wingra and let wave after wave of gratitude wash over you as you realize how lucky it is to live in a city with three beautiful lakes.

There are funky, crumbling stair cases that lead to meadows and duck ponds.

The magnolia and lilac and fruit trees are all in bloom and the fragrance is amazing.

The Arboretum has these old markers everywhere and I just love the patina.

One of my favorite spots. My house is almost directly across the lake from this view. The cattails are full of red winged black birds which throw the most glorious fit clearly thinking that you are there to nab their prime nesting spot. 

With all this green you can feel tension melting away.

And visit some friends at the free zoo.

Or, if all else fails you can join the college kids who just finished finals. They are there, playing kickball...and...if you zoom in you will see they are all running with beer cups and there is a half barrel on home and second base. Ah, Wisconsin.

And then top off the evening with Bora Bora Fireballs. A new family favorite and another amazing recipe from Melissa at The Clothes Make the Girl. We had these with zucchini pancakes from the Moosewood cookbook. We used almond flour in place of the wheat flour. Yum. No picture of the pancakes. We ate them too quickly!

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